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Courtney and Zachh – Flat Rock surprise

I’ve known Zachh now for quite a few years and have been lucky enough to get to know Courtney through a few photo shoots we’ve done in the past year.  I can’t say it enough… this couple is one of the most adorable couples I know… they are simply PERFECT together and truly do make everyone smile the minute they are around.

With that… Zachh is a bit camera shy and Courtney… a natural to say the least 🙂

Courtney and I have been trying to set up a few shoots over the past few months and unfortunately with life and all getting in the way things just haven’t worked out.  Today… that changed…

Little did I know though, Courtney didn’t bother telling Zachh until the last minute what we were up to.  Hahaha… imagine his surprise 🙂

The goal was simple for today… I bought a 77mm Fader ND Mark II by Light Craft Workshops and wanted to try it out.  Trying to shoot wide open in broad daylight is next to impossible, my 5Dmkii only goes up to 1/8000 sec and shooting at f/1.2 or f/2.8 to knock out all the background… it just doesn’t work (still too much light gets in).  So… on goes the variable rate Neutral Density filter and voila… the background drops to darkness and the apeture can be opened more to blur the background, give that nice shallow depth of field the glass is capable of.

Yes… this is a first for me… but to make it easy… we took off to the beach to try it out.

I charged up my two Tronix Explorer Minis today, put the 48″Pro Studio Solutions EZ-Pro Octagon Softbox on the Elinchrom BX400, threw the Fader ND on the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS mkii and soon enough we had exhausted both batteries… left to shoot with the Fader ND on the lens without the auxillary lighting source.  What a terrific learning experience, made all the better by at least one willing participant… ha… and one very, very accommodating gentleman who wasn’t quite sure about the whole photo thing 🙂



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