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Fall adventures revisted

This fall I had the chance to try out some “silhouettes” as Nicole threw on her black dress and “posed” for me and the camera.

Ha… yes… it was fun having a live person to try shots out on… and we had a blast.  I’ve posted a few of the shots before but last night came back to them to see what other shots I’d overlooked.

Here is another one from that same day (September 17, 2009) that I worked on in Photoshop last night.

I am learning Photoshop CS4 day to day and knew this was shot I wanted to play with a bit while scanning through the raw files.  Here is the info on what I did…

Brightness/Contrast, Levels and Vibrance tweaked in Photoshop CS4.

Shot with the Canon EOS 50D and the EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM

ISO: 400
Exposure:1/8000 sec
Focal Length:100 mm

Now here is the original untouched…

Did I get it right… what are your thoughts?


  1. dave salonen says:

    wow this site is cool nice – and i just thought you were a paramedic !

  2. admin says:

    Haha, but I am just a Paramedic trying to find a creative bone in my body 😉
    I’ve sooo much to learn…soo much. Thanks for the comments though David 🙂

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