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An amazing man (Bill Salonen) was inducted into the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame on September 27th, 2014.

For the 33rd Annual Induction Ceremony..inductees include:

  • Jason Myslicki
  • Amber Peterson
  • John Adams
  • John “Gino” Gasparini
  • Bill Salonen
  • Thunder Bay AAA Kings Midget Team

All photos were taken without flash in low lighting conditions with the 5Dmkii and 85mm f/1.2

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Today I think I laughed more than I have in a long time… what a terrific family that I had to pleasure to work with!

A week or so ago I received a phone call from someone I have respected for many, many years.

An 80th birthday party… can I come shoot Nancy asked?

Well, lets just say there was no way I was going to turn down this opportunity… it sounded like a great time!

Unfortunately… any chance of shooting outdoors today fell by the side as the town woke up to seen wet, drizzle, rain type snow coming down.  Soo… time to plan for an indoor shoot… and here is just one of the many from the day.

Thank you all for the opportunity to work with you today… and a truly happy birthday!



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2013 Paper Kings…. 1 hour to line everyone up, 1 hour to shoot 17 players, 1 hour to do something different than the normal sports shots people are used to… Yes… it can be done!

Thanks to Coleen who kept the ball rolling, we managed to get a variety of shots for all the Paper Kings done within the hour allotted and for the final shots I’ve done up some of the favourites with a couple of different styles.

Traditional clean looking as well as the more modern and edgy youthful look with an overlay.

Now to see how everyone likes them and then spend some time delving further into the editing process.

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Now talk about a fun couple!

Julie and Craig had an idea, to shoot at their neighbours place out in Waldof  and come rain or shine.  Well… it snowed instead!

Yet as the weekend progressed sure enough the sun came out enough to melt away the white stuff and only leave us a bit chilly from the wind.  What a beautiful fall day and to top it off, couldn’t have asked for a nicer couple to spend it with.

The location, GORGEOUS!  A small trout pond, a log cabin, beautiful acres of lawn…  now I understand why Julie and Craig loved the area so much.

So… rough editing is done, files have been uploaded and now just waiting to see which ones Julie and Craig like best.

Teaser shots for now as we couldn’t wait… hope you like.


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What an absolute blast today shooting Amanda!

We have been trying to work together for some time now, either to try Tattoo shots or Fitness shots and today we finally managed to get some shooting time in.

Amanda owns her own tattoo studio here in town and I really, really want to do some shots focusing just on tats so stay tuned, we have some really neat ideas on how to do that 🙂

For today though, a simple white studio background, 3 light set up and more fitness than anything.  I’m just getting started on the editing, we did an amazing amount of poses, outfits and what not… can’t wait to get to the rest of them.

For now though, hope you like the previews as we had a terrific day shooting 🙂




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